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This is my submission for Ludum Dare 40!!

My game is called Justify the Means, clearly based on the saying "The ends justify the means".

The overall idea for my game is that in this world, magic exists. But you have to collect it and it runs out eventually. It also corrupts you and turns you evil, making your loved ones hate you.

However...monsters are taking over. There's too many of them. They are only killable by someone who has magic.

The more magic you have, the worse your corruption gets.

The more monsters there are, the worse the world gets.

If you get too corrupted by magic, you will turn permanently evil and get game over.

If your world gets overrun by too many monsters, you'll not be able to save your loved ones and you'll get game over.

I intended to have a lot more story written into it as well as more of a challenge with the creatures, but with my lack of knowledge and skills with coding I was unable to figure it out in time and so I just made the player basically invincible against the monsters just so you can get through the game and story.

For my first LDJAM and my first released-to-the-public platformer, I'm pretty chuffed at what I've achieved. I really tried to just focus more on my strengths being in the graphics.

I hope to flesh this game out someday in the future!


Bug fixes.

- Removed floating moving platform as it wasn't working and you could jump across the gap anyway.

- Made the description on how to talk to NPCs a bit clearer as it was confusing for some people.

- Fixed up basically all of the dialogue issues

- Accidentally uploaded a "Run as Administrator" exe. It's been reuploaded as a single time exe.

- Fixed respawn placement

- Made the final room a bit easier to understand 

- Fixed FPS in a room.

- Lowered amount of particles to try and help with lag on low end PCs.

- Made UI clearer and easier to understand

- I've tried to fix the final level to make it more of a challenge! Let me know if it's too hard or confusing or  something. (made enemies spawn faster and your arcanum goes down faster so there's more need to top it up, which makes you need to run away from the enemies for a moment while they're spawning!)

- Moved an enemy spawner so that the monsters don't all just spawn in one pit. 

- Tried to fix any issues with tiles, on some monitors there's a 1px gap. 


Justify the Means.exe 6 MB

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