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I did everything myself from scratch except all of the audio! grin

TLDR; sleeping

  • Farming Sim x Platform Runner
  • Farmer takes cocaine to get all her farming done in time for the food truck.
  • 3 Levels/days. Get all 40 crops and 40 animals.
  • Star rating out of 5 at the end.
  • If you hit a crate, you get sent back to the start of level one! Yes it’s harsh, sorry!
  • If you don’t care about star rating and just focus on avoiding crates it’s much easier.

running gif 2.gif


For LD41’s theme of combining two incompatible genres, I thought I’d try to make a platform runner x farming simulator.

Farming sims are usually slow and relaxed and top-down, so I thought it would be funny if the farmer needed to rush around doing their farming in a different game style to the norm. I don’t think I quite got the “farming simulator” part of it clear though, mostly just the platform runner. But hopefully you enjoy it anyway!


GAME video_game

You play as Tabitha McBain, who has been too lazy playing videogames and has only 3 days left until she needs to fill the produce truck to sell her goods! While making coffee, she notices next to the sugar a conveniently placed jar of cocaine. She puts it in her coffee instead of sugar to give her the extra “buzz” needed to get all her work done in time!


GOAL star

This game is super easy if you don’t care about what score you get at the end. You can complete the game to the end without collecting a single item, so long as you don’t hit a crate and get rekt. But…you’ll only get 1/5 stars!

If you hit a crate - you get sent all the way back to the beginning of level one! Harsh, but I think it makes for a fun challenge. Also this was just easier to code in the short time frame so that I could spend more time on the art!

Can you get 5 stars?? Show me a screencap if you do! grin


TOOLS wrench

  • Game Maker Studio 2 Pro
  • Photoshop CC
  • Pyxel Edit
  • Coffee (NOT cocaine!)


  • Accidentally deleted one of the crops, resulting in nobody being able to get 5 stars. Oops! FIXED.
  • Fixed problem with score not resetting after the game ends.
  • Fixed grass parallax issue.
  • Fixed jump issue A BIT.
  • Quickly added credits to menu, whoops. Forgot those!
  • Improved tutorial image to make the controls clearer.

KNOWN ISSUES cold_sweat

  • I have improved the jump in comparison to when I first submitted (where it was impossibly hard), but it seems to still be very hard and I need to work on my jump physics and timing in the future.
  • I am aware that I should have checkpoints for each level instead of going back to day one, but I ran out of time to code this and I think it would be unfair for me to go back in and add this now.

But thankyou all for the feedback on these issues! grin





Install instructions

- Download and extract ZIP file

- Run the "Ludum Dare 41" application/exe

- Enjoy!


Cocaine McBain Windows ZIP.zip 20 MB


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Actually don't want to see checkpoints between stages!

*runs from the fires and the pitchforks* I like the fact that it's difficult, because that makes the 5star rating at the end all the better and gives me something to work for! :o

Haha I was hoping more people would share your view, but in the end I gotta make sure everyone can enjoy it! 

Well! Maybe find a way to have two different play modes or versions of the game?

V1 - For casual players who just wanna farm real good and plant real fast.

V2 - The Goat Toaster Dark Souls run of "CAN YOU GET ALL THE STARS AH"

Perhaps it could be the difference between "normal" and "hard" mode :) more like "normal" and "bullshit hard" haha.

People love challenges and it would be a happy balance between those who want checkpoints and those who want to beat the harder modes! :o

please put check points between stages! good game! congrats

Thankyou!! I ran out of time for checkpoints, but definitely will do in the future! Thankyou for the great feedback :D